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Resdroid is smart and reliable and can be used by all through its cloud technology. Manage stocks, schedule staff, increase table turnaround time, get intelligence reports, and much more

Why choose us

Food Truck

Be the favorite bite for the on-the-road customer to keep growing your business

Quick Service Restaurant

Improve your speed of service and transform the customer experience.

Coffee Shop

Whether it’s to go or not you’ll keep customers smiling with every visit


Slice away your worries and add some Resdroid toppings


Whether it’s croissants or rainbow bagels you’ll be spreading the joy


Let every window lead to another smoothly and swiftly

Fine-Dine Restaurant

An exquisite experience and great expectations to hold on to forever

Food Court

Stand out amongst the rest by providing a simple and fast service


Know the ins and outs of every branch from any location

All you need is a browser!

Resdroid is accessible on any device that runs a browser – from traditional POS systems and desktops, to laptops, tablets, and even smartphones! Say goodbye to expensive proprietary hardware.
Great For Business Owners
Purchase Management
Stock Management & Inventory
Powerful Inventory Reporting

How it works


Analyse sales trends, monitor staff performance, be in control of the quality of your operations; anytime, anywhere, even from your smartphone!

Inventory Management

Monitor every aspect of your stock movement, get a LIVE insight into your stock on hand, keep an eye on low-running stock, account for purchase costs and wastage costs, and more!

Table Management

Define tables to suit your restaurant's layout. You can assign staff to different locations, configure the menu and take orders for any location, all from a single administration.

Customer Support Management

The team of our experts is always ready to help you to operate the system remotely in the POS and Back Office.

Smart Analytics and Reports

Resdroid powerful, customisable business dashboard gives you rich reports and insights into all aspects of your business.

Kitchen Display System

Streamline your kitchen workflow and optimize order fulfillment efficiency. Avoid order mistakes and delays and increase efficiency in the kitchen

Customer Display System

Customers can view their order status as customer displays are integrated with the POS units.

User Management

Create multiple users on the platform & assign rights for the POS and admin panel, you can limit staff accessibility & restrict confidential data

Stock Management

A single platform can handle several things together brilliantly like available and required stock, special recipes, theft management and more.


Although you have stored your restaurant’s and customers data on the cloud it will be safe and secured for lifelong.

One Touch

The touch screen feature of the POS application ensures that it can work well on both desktop and touch screen mobiles/tablets as well.

Quick Sales

During busy hours, it is important to have a reliable, convenient and accessible POS. On Resdroid ‘Quick Sales’ screen, you’ll see a list of all your fast-moving items, so you can generate bills with just a single click.


Say goodbye to human errors with automated billing, discounts & complex GST calculations.