Easy Integrations

It is essential that any POS software you decide to implement, it doesn’t interrupt your existing business. The most important feature of any POS software should be easy an intuitive interface. It allows for even a non-tech savvy person to easily operate the software without much difficulty.

Install the POS software. Each company's software comes with instructions on proper installation. But, We have some sort of easy integration process only.

The customers need to create account with us and they can easily use our POS application without any risk.

Keep your business on trend by comparing transactions from day-to-day or previous months to guide your next move.

Point Of Sale

Secure POS technology that works offline and offers you complete control of your cash flow, management of tills with permission access, activity monitoring, and integrations to meet your needs.

Follow how well each employee is selling by assigning tills to individual staff members. Virtually oversee staff productivity for every day, and compare performance over different periods of time.

You can also give specified access to each employee or groups of staff and set up login access for extra security.


Kitchen Display System

Go paperless and have orders sent directly to kitchen staff to avoid any delays and errors and to increase efficiency.

Any changes made in orders will instantly appear on the iPad kitchen display system, eliminating food wastages.

Manage the operation of your kitchen by having orders displayed directly across the POS Cashier, Waiter app, and Kitchen Display System, syncing order information as it comes in.

Inventory Management

Confidently monitor inventory, set alerts to always stay in stock and track levels remotely and in real-time with the Resdroid inventory software. Each dish will have the exact amount of ingredients and their weights, and if your customers add extras and modify their dish you can keep count on how much of your ingredients are being spent there.

Let our restaurant inventory management system help you track inventory levels from items right down to ingredients.

Do it all in real-time and with day-to-day, weekly and monthly consumption reports.

Never wonder where your ingredients and items have gone. Match actual stock with what the system is recording with reports that specify how missing stock has been used.


Analytics and Reports

Get real-time and on-the-go access to rich data for your business on sales, inventory, operations and branch performance with our restaurant reporting software. Using one of the best restaurant management software on the market, stay on top of item and ingredient levels, modifiers, transfers, wastes, and food preparation times, giving you peace of mind.

Manage your restaurant and branches on the move, so you can have total control of your business in real-time and from anywhere in the world.

View reports in graphs and tables, and instantly export data as it syncs in multiple formats.

Manage inventory levels with automatic alerts for when inventory is running low.